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= 0.XX (aka next release)= = 0.XX (aka next release) =

This page is to be used to map out what need to be accomplished before each release.

General Release Criteria

  • Verified functionallity of new interfaces (APIs)
  • Documentation added for new interfaces
  • Tests added for new interfaces
  • Utils updated for new interfaces
  • "make check" passes
  • New tests generated for new language bindings
  • No know regressions from previous release
  • library ABI bumped to indicate interface changes. This implies updates to outputtxt.c and outputscript.c in utils


This is actually the 0.4 release, but the .1 is used to avoid problems w/ naming scheme used in beta releases.

  • Meets all Criteria above
  • Completion of SWF8 support

0.XX (aka next release)

  • refcounting and memory management
  • make swf files editable
  • fix morph[2] interface
  • make video interface more flexible (video instance object)


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