Installing Ming is usually a two-step process: first install the Ming library; then install the "language bindings" that allow you to use it with your language of choice.

This page describes how to install the Ming library on various systems. To find out how to install language bindings, read Installing_Language_Bindings.

This page relates to the latest official release, Ming 0.3. You can download this from SourceForge. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose "ming-0.3.0".)

==> Installing Ming on Windows <==

We don't provide an official windows version at this stage (though we probably will in future). There are some Windows builds out there, but we haven't used any of them so we can't answer any questions about them.

Gazb provides some installation instructions here. We haven't tested them though:
Windows installation HOWTO

Apparently has working DLL's of the latest builds

Kromann now has 0.3a builds, with MX actionscript.

Debug version of above

Installing Ming on Mac OS X

To install from source, read Mac_OS_X_Installation.

If you want to use Ming under PHP, you can go to and grab the PHP module which includes ming-0.3b! They make available the makefile script if you want to try compiling it yourself, though no support is offered.

There is a patch for compiling an earlier version of Ming on Mac OS X at though the Ming authors have not tried it.

Installing Ming on *nix

Out of date instructions are at: MingInstall

  1. Download and untar the latest code from Subversion here

  2. Configure, Make, Install
    cd ming-0.*.*
    make install

  3. Install language bindings as per Installing_Language_Bindings

If you get this error when using make,
dbl2png.c:5:17: png.h: No such file or directory

You will need to install libpng-devel, easy to do with yum install libpng-devel

Apart from there, there is an INSTALL.txt file that comes with Ming that should help for *nix based systems.

UPDATE: Compilation of 0.3.0 on Fedora Core 5 is possible. You'll need to build it with gcc32, however, and you'll need to edit your perl and python configs (in /usr/lib/perl and /usr/lib/python, or for 64 bit /usr/lib64/perl and /usr/lib64/python) to temporarily remove the gcc4-only compilation flags (stack and ssp). Grep for them, make a copy of the files you're editing, and remove the gcc4-only compilation flags from those files. Then ming will build.

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