This page describes how to install Ming "language bindings" - the code you need to use Ming with a particular language. The page is a work in progress. Please update with your experiences.

Starting with Ming 0.3.0, the language bindings are no longer distributed as part of the main Ming archive. Instead, you need to individually download the ones you want.

When installing, you should follow this basic procedure:

  1. Install Ming first.
  2. Download and unpack the source for the language binding.
  3. Copy it into a subdirectory of the main Ming source (e.g. ming-0.3.0/perl_ext).
  4. Follow instructions below.


This part is currently in flow until final release of 0.4.0 of ming.

newer: build using autotools

classic older install procedure

  1. cd perl_ext
  2. perl Makefile.PL 2b. or
    • perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=~/test if you want to test it as normal user and want install into dir test in your home directory.
  3. make
  4. make test
  5. STOP if any errors are reported, and check all your supporting libraries (e.g. libungif) are installed.

  6. make install (or sudo make install if you're not running as root, such as under Mac OS X)

just take the package your linux distribution provides

install using CPAN, the perl archive


To use Ming from Ruby, you should install Daisuke Ikegami's Ming-Ruby.

Download, untar/gzip, and then install using

Or sudo ruby setup.rb if you're not running as root, e.g. under Mac OS X.

If the install script complains that it can't find ming.h, try using a command like this:

where the --with-ming-dir parameter points towards the src directory in your Ming installation. Note that this must be an absolute path starting with '/', not one starting with '~' for your user space.

(As of version 0.1.8, the patches previously posted here for compatibility with Ming 0.3.0 are no longer required.)


  1. cd php_ext
  2. make
  3. make install
  4. Modify php.ini (vi /etc/php.ini) and add into your list of extensions:
    OR Simply add this at the start of your php ming script


(All language bindings below here are still to be documented on the wiki.)



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